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Top 500 US Companies - Excel Spreadsheet

Download:  S&P 500 Companies – Excel file with the Top 500 US companies data

Browse, filter, and use data easily on the Top 500 companies listed in the United States, constituents of the S&P 500 index. Get all the information on top companies in key US indices: Dow Jones, Nasdaq-100, and S&P 500.

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This Excel file contains 2 actionable spreadsheets:

1. The main list of S&P 500 companies Excel spreadsheet contains all the key data on each company. These top 500 largest public listed companies by market capitalization in the United States, constituents of the S&P 500 Index, are detailed with extensive business, market, financial, and digital information.

The entire S&P 500 companies list, and their related data, can easily be browsed and filtered according to your specific purposes: grouping by sectors/industries/indices, location, ranking by market capitalization, sorting websites, etc.Excel spreadsheet on laptop in 3D

This main spreadsheet contains information on the S&P 500 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market and their related data. As a bonus, the spreadsheet also includes data on the companies in the NASDAQ-100 indices that are not included in the S&P 500.

Updated and expanded for 2021!

2. The new, extra spreadsheet includes the stock prices of the entire S&P 500 list (and bonus companies) for 2018, 2019, and 2020. With the prices of all S&P 500 companies’ stock at the end of each month from December 2017 to December 2020, this second Excel spreadsheet will greatly help you assess the financial health and evolution of each company, providing new opportunities to analyze data, calculate correlations between stocks, estimate seasonality, cross analyze stocks by industry, sector, or even arbitrary batches.

✅ Key benefits from the S&P 500 Companies Excel Download [Top 500 US Companies]

  • Quickly browse and filter the companies’ information in a single convenient Excel file for multiple purposes, including:
    • corporate benchmarking for marketing, finance, and investment
    • searching and filtering companies for informed lead generation
    • quickly reaching companies’ websites and online presence in bulk
    • using stocks data to perform cross-stocks analysis, statistics, and machine learning for financial and investment insights
  • Keep all the information readily available on your computer at any time, even offline.
  • Easily use the companies’ data in other applications and programs thanks to a standard Excel file (.xls/.xlsx).
  • Save tens of hours of companies’ information search, collection, and formatting in one convenient Excel file.
  • Use data to boost your productivity and discover decisive insights, NOW!

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John Andrews – Senior Partner, Consulting


Thanks to this spreadsheet, we can target companies by industry, size and location, and refine our selection with the descriptions and the website links. We can then customize our commercial approach for multiple companies at once. This is a very convenient and time-saving product!

Adrian Yang – Data Science Post-Graduate


[…] The file comes in handy to complement data for some of my machine learning algorithms and double-checking results.
Free sample

Top 500 US Companies spreadsheet sampleTo let you know exactly what the S&P 500 Companies spreadsheet contains, you can here download a free sample. This extract of both spreadsheets includes all the data of the first 10 companies, together with the explanatory notes of the description spreadsheet. For more information about each column data, please see below.


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Details of the main S&P 500 companies list Excel spreadsheet data

Here is a presentation of all the information included in each of the 42 columns of the main S&P 500 Companies XLS spreadsheet. This detailed data can be sorted and filtered according to each column with a filter button present in the right of the columns’ headings cells.

sorting S&P 500 Companies

All data included in the main spreadsheet are updated as of January 29, 2021

▪ Company

Official company name. Certain companies are included multiple times when they have multiple securities listed on US stock exchanges.

▪ Ticker

Stock ticker of the company. Companies with multiple stocks listed also have multiple, different tickers, one for each kind of stock.

▪ Sector

Main economic sector of the company.

▪ Industry

Main industry of the company.

▪ Country

Country of the main headquarter of the company. Some companies headquartered abroad have stocks listed on US stock exchanges and are therefore included in this document.

▪ City

City of the main headquarter of the company.

▪ State

State code of the main headquarter of the company when they are headquartered in the United States. Also includes province codes for companies headquartered in Canada and Australia.

▪ Website

URL of the company’s main corporate website with a direct link.

▪ Market Cap.

Market capitalization of the company in US $, as of effective close on Friday, January 29, 2021. Companies with multiple securities quoted may present a discrepancy between their valuation according to each security.

▪ Products & Services

Main products and/or services of the company.

▪ Logo URL

URL with direct link to the logo of the company on Clearbit.

▪ Foundation

Date or year of the foundation of the company, and age of the company, when available. Some companies have more information included on their founding companies, renaming, key mergers, etc.

▪ Founder(s)

Company’s founder(s).

▪ Key People

Leaders of the company with their title.

▪ Employees

Total number of full-time employees in the company.

▪ Social media profile URL with direct links (1 column per network)

      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Linkedin

▪ Security Name

Name of the listed security of the company. Companies with multiple stocks listed have different security names, usually according to the different classes of stocks available. Each security corresponds to a single ticker previously listed.

▪ Stock Market

Code of the American stock market where the security is listed, as follows:

      • BATS: BATS Global Markets
      • NCM: Nasdaq Capital Market
      • NGM: Nasdaq Global Market
      • NGS: Nasdaq Global Select
      • NYAM: NYSE American
      • NYSE: New York Stock Exchange
      • N/A: Not available at time of creation

▪ Indices (1 column per index)

Key American indices in which the stock is included. Multiple stocks from a single company are independent in their integration or not in any stock index, depending on each stock index selection criteria.

Remark: No company in the S&P 500, NASDAQ-100, or Dow Jones indices are part of the Russell 2000 index (Small cap companies).

    • Dow Jones: Dow Jones Industrial Average, which includes 30 key industrial US companies, last defined on 30 Aug 2020 by S&P Dow Jones Indices
    • NASDAQ-100: 100 largest companies listed on the Nasdaq defined as of 20 Jan 2021 by Nasdaq. Heavily weighted towards Technology companies, the index includes a few more than 100 companies/securities, and a few companies that are not headquartered in the US (also included in the spreadsheet).
    • S&P 500: 500 largest companies listed in the US, defined by S&P Dow Jones Indices as of 7 Jan 2021. The index includes 505 stocks (5 companies have two listed stocks included), and a few companies that are not headquartered in the US (also included in the spreadsheet).
    • Russell 1000 / Russell 2000: The Russell 1000 includes the largest 1000 companies listed and the US, and the Russell 2000 includes the 2000 following ones, often considered as Small Caps (small market capitalizations), with the last definition by FTSE Russell published on 31 Dec 2020. These indices include a few companies that are not headquartered in the US (also included in the spreadsheet). The difference between the few companies that are included in the S&P 500 but not in the Russell 1000 comes from different criteria of selection by the index creators and dates of the official release of the constituents.
    • Russell 3000: 3000 largest companies listed on US stock exchanges. The index, with the last definition by FTSE Russell published on 31 Dec 2020, aggregates stocks of the Russell 1000 and Russell 2000 indices.

▪ Stock info

URL of the company’s official security information with direct link to the website of the stock exchange on which it is listed.

▪ Yahoo Finance profile

URL of the company/security profile on Yahoo Finance with a direct link.

▪ Total assets

Latest figure for total assets of the company recorded on Wikipedia, with the corresponding year.

▪ Total equity

Latest figure for total equity of the company recorded on Wikipedia, with the corresponding year.

▪ Revenue

Latest revenue result of the company recorded on Wikipedia, with the corresponding year.

▪ Operating income

Latest operating income result of the company recorded on Wikipedia, with the corresponding year.

▪ Net income

Latest net income result of the company recorded on Wikipedia, with the corresponding year.

▪ Other Listings (1 column per extra listing)

Other stock exchanges and ticker of the company’s stock when it is also listed outside of the main US exchanges. Foreign stock exchanges are references with their identifying letters, together with the security’s ticker on this exchange, while over-the-counter securities are listed with OTCPink or OTCQB.

▪ Address, Zip, Phone, Fax (1 per column)

Address of the company, which sometimes includes secondary info in the column “Address (line 2)”, Zip code, Phone number, and Fax number are also mentioned, each in their own column.

▪ Wikipedia URL

URL with direct link to the company’s main page on Wikipedia.

▪ Description

Succinct description of the company’s activities, retrieved from the introduction of the main Wikipedia page of the company.

▪ Notes

Notes on some companies with missing data, or special listings. These notes mostly highlight companies that have been acquired by others since the last inscription in a specific index, or certain companies that belong to an index but whose stock is traded on OTC market, or private company.

“N/A” or blank cell: data not available at the time of the creation.

For a complete preview, download the free spreadsheet sample.

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  • XLS iconType: Excel file (.xlsx/.xls)
  • Size: 684 Ko
  • Spreadsheets: 3
    • 1 sheet containing the S&P 500 Companies 2021 information with filters
    • 1 sheet containing the S&P 500 Companies stock prices at the end of each month from December 2017 to December 2020 with filters
    • 1 sheet with the detailed description of the data included in the 2 other spreadsheets
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