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Top 1000 US Companies - Excel Spreadsheet

 NEW! – Top 1000 US Companies [Russell 1000] – Excel Download

The World's 580 Unicorn Startup Companies – Excel Spreadsheet

580 Unicorn Startup Companies – Excel Download

1280 Top Anglo-Saxon Companies - Excel Spreadsheet

1280 Top Anglo-Saxon Companies – Excel Workbook

Top 500 US Companies - Excel Spreadsheet

Top 500 US Companies [S&P 500] – Excel Download

Top 350 UK Companies – Excel Spreadsheet

Top 350 UK Companies [FTSE 350] – Excel Download

Top 230 Canadian Companies - Excel Spreadsheet

Top 230 Canadian Companies [TSX Composite] – Excel Download

Top 200 Australian Companies – Excel Spreadsheet

Top 200 Australian Companies [ASX 200] – Excel Download

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With products designed for business and work, from commercial prospection and lead generation to marketing and financial analysis, from company benchmarking and report building to data mining and machine learning, Disfold provides a number of convenient products to help you work faster, save time and find key information.


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